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Task Force News & Notes

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Connecticut Family Court Reform

Welcome to our Connecticut Family Court site, advocating for reform of Connecticut General Statutes, court rules, and other practices utilized by the CT Family Court, which have been bankrupting families and causing harm to children for far too long. This is especially true for those individuals acting as self represented litigants, whether by choice or by financial circumstances.

We are neither attorney's nor family law experts, but we are advocates for reform — fathers and mothers, former husbands and wives, grandparents, adult children of divorce, and others with a wide range of collective real-life experiences navigating our way through and within the Connecticut Family Court system. The problems are real, the solutions attainable, but those working in and beholden to the legal system are preventing meaningful change because it strips them of recurring future revenue and increases both accountability and transparency. This message was heard repeatedly at public hearings of a state task force charged with studying the issue.

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As with any other industry or profession, there are many good people working as part of the overall Connecticut Family Court network. Sadly, however, there are others at all levels of this same system who fall well short of any reasonable level of expectation. Of greatest concern is the fact that some judges and attorneys — so called 'officers of the Court' have and currently continue to contribute to widespread fraud and corruption which is not consistent with the goals of a fair and impartial judiciary. This is common knowledge at all levels of government, yet it seems that few, if any at all, have the courage to speak out for fear of reprisal or retaliation, both personally and professionally. The time has come to level the playing field!

This site will be updated as time allows, so stay tuned and keep checking back. If you think you can contribute to this site in some meaningful and relevant way, please do contact us.

If you have relevant experience in Connecticut Family Court that you think others can benefit from, please share so others may benefit.

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This Connecticut Family Court informational site is an advocacy resource, neither sponsored, endorsed nor affiliated with the State of Connecticut or the Judicial Branch.
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We are advocates for reform of the Connecticut Family Court system and relevant statutes and rules.